Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin於1991年在巴黎市中心創立自己的品牌,最初以女裝系列為主,並於2009年推出男裝系列,紅漆鞋底更成為其設計標誌。當年他在案前工作,研究一雙不甚滿意的鞋履原型。他看見助理正在塗甲油,於是拿來甲油在鞋底塗上一層鮮亮光澤的紅色,並對效果感到非常滿意,Christian Louboutin的經典紅鞋底便由此誕生。品牌設計琳琅滿目,男女裝鞋履、手袋與小型皮具行銷全球160間專門店。

hristian Louboutin established his business in the heart of Paris in 1991, first with a collection for Women followed by a Men’s collection in 2009, both recognizable by the signature red lacquered sole. The Christian Louboutin signature red sole was born when his assistant polished her nails, Christian grabbed her bottle of nail colour and painted the whole sole a vivid and lacquered red. With a prolific collection of women’s and men’s shoes, handbags and small leather goods, Christian Louboutin now counts 160 boutiques around the world.

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