TRENDS 創立於2012年,致力於選購從高端時尚到街頭小眾的指標性男裝品牌,後於2019年開始引進多個新穎且主流的女裝品牌,以 TRENDS 一貫的敏銳與堅持 ; 建構目前高端市場上較為缺乏的獨特風格,並尊重每位設計師的獨特性、原創性,充分呈現每個品牌的特質,期望帶給時髦講究的男性與女性更多元的選擇。我們也持續由策展人定期媒合台灣本地藝術家作品進駐我們的櫥窗空間,成為百貨商場中獨特的藝術廊道,讓消費者藉由走進 TRENDS 將我們對藝術的熱愛演化成日常。



TRENDS founded in 2012, pioneering men’s wear retail. We focusing on introducing European high-end brands, next to streetwear that attracts the most attention nowadays.

In 2019, in oder to creating more feminine and neutral element . TRENDS started out bring women’s wear, showcasing a wide selection of distinctive clothing options.

We also contribute our love for arts by curating window displays. The goal being to promote local artists and in addition, provide a space where people can embrace art and fashion simultaneously. 

TRENDS is dedicated to making international fashion locally accessible and a part of the urban people’s lifestyle. 

  • Business Hours:

    週日 ~ 週三 11:00 am ~ 09:30 pm
    週四 ~ 週六 (含例假日前夕) 11:00 am ~ 10:00 pm


  • Consumer Hotline: 02-2722-3635
  • Official Website: