Hästens 以承諾、傳統、精神和熱情,成就獨一無二完美床具,打造優質的睡眠天堂。


Established in 1852, Hästens has made its name for being the official bedding supplier of the Swedish royal court. All beds of Hästens are handmade with luxury horsehair and various natural materials. Over 167 years of establishment, Hästens has never changed our faith- providing their customers a relaxing sleep experience as if they are sleeping on clouds.

Through Hästens's commitment, tradition, spirit and enthusiasm.  Hästens pursue making the best  luxury  beds. Creating  a quality sleeping  paradise.

  • Business Hours:

    週日 ~ 週三 11:00 am ~ 09:30 pm
    週四 ~ 週六 (含例假日前夕)11:00 am ~ 10:00 pm

  • Consumer Hotline: (02)8772-0518