Maje創立於1998年,品牌創始人Judith Milgrom成長於人文薈萃的巴黎,從小遊歷於布料的世界,更以自己所愛的人名字的首字母組合來命名品牌。 Maje呈現屬於法國獨特的巴黎風情,帶著神秘浪漫、精緻脫俗的波西米亞風格,展現出女性多樣化且充滿獨立自信的美感。 Maje以不同手法呈現女性特有的詩情畫意, 完美女性的自信線條設計,讓女人皆可以在Maje發現屬於自己的美麗與性感。 Fascinated by fabrics from an early age, designer Judith Milgrom founded Maje in 1998 after a childhood spent crafting garments, and named the label using the initials of her closest loved ones. Based in Paris, Maje appeals to the ultra stylish and effortlessly chic, whisking together delicate bohemia with strong confidence and purpose. Maje blends the original with the contemporary, giving feminine silhouettes sharp detailing and mixing everyday versatility with covetable glamour.

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