Calvin Klein Jeans

青春、誘惑、酷帥。CALVIN KLEIN JEANS代表了摩登美國設計師品牌的休閒風格。以丹寧系列為主,並以獨特細節和創新處理方式聞名。每一季,品牌都延續其經典精神、美式傳承,並加入新穎撩人的款式與大膽性感的廣告相互呼應。 Youthful, seductive, cool. CALVIN KLEIN JEANS is the casual expression of a modern American designer lifestyle. It is rooted in denim, and is famous for its unique details and innovative treatments. Each season the brand embraces its iconic, American legacy, while also introducing new, evocative styles and bold, sexy advertising campaigns to match.

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  • Consumer Hotline: 02-8772-4538